Outdoor Sport Water Battler Plastic

Outdoor Sport Water Battler Plastic

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2500ml large capacity sports bottle. With portable handle, weighing and durable. Snap cover design, easy to open. Allows you to operate with one hand during exercise. The interior is equipped with a food-grade filter, and the environmentally friendly BPA free material allows you to protect nature while being close to nature.

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Item No:                   BTB102

Specification:           302.11*120.15mm

Volume:                    2500ml

Color:                       Customized color

Material:                   Plastic

Usage:                     Outdoor sport  

Feature:                   Portable

Product Advantages


The large capacity is enough to replenish water for multiple times outdoors, without frequent filling.


The handle is designed to be easy to carry, and it can also be hung on the bag to free your hands.


One-touch pop lid for easy drinking. With just one tap, you can drink water without complicated opening.


The inside is equipped with a food-grade filter mesh with fine filter holes, which can effectively filter the tea residues.


The lock type cup lid can prevent accidental opening. Put the cup in the bag without worrying about water leakage due to accidental opening.

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Living in a steel-and-iron urban forest, running around for three meals, every day you think about nothing more than what to eat and drink, how to make money and how to complete work. Do you often feel that your soul is dusted and you lose your natural aura. As the weekend arrives, why not let go of everything and have a hearty outdoor sports trip. Whether it's running, cycling, or climbing. An enjoyable exercise is enough to relax you. Don't forget to replenish water during exercise. Bring a high-performance water cup and take an outdoor trip.

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