Waterproof Backpack Cooler Bag

Waterproof Backpack Cooler Bag

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Outdoor waterproof backpack cooler, 30 cans of capacity, double-shoulder design, so that you can free your hands while carrying a lot of food. Bring the BD-001-37 cooler for a pleasant adventure.They are perfect for taking on outdoor adventures and camping trips. They are also great for days spent at the beach, lake, or river.


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  • Item No: BD-001-37
  • Material: 840D-TPU
  • Capacity: 30Cans/20L
  • Specification: 355*225*500mm
  • Color: Dark Grey
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    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    The design of the backpack allows you to free your hands when swimming in the wild.

    BD-001-18 1

    The double-sided pocket design allows you to easily get urgent things, such as water bottles, ropes and so on.

    BD-001-18 1

    The double-sided handle design allows you to carry heavy items together with two people.


    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

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    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

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    One of the most handsome soft cooler bag. BD-001-37. Whether your adventure is to stop by the water, or on the road, or just do nothing but picnic on the grass, this is a cool thing for you. BD-001-37 is easy to carry with you, whether it is a shoulder strap or a handle, its performance in the peak period can escort your short-distance adventure. Carry it on your shoulders, free your hands, and do whatever you want. On a sunny afternoon, put drinks, beer, fruit, or any food you like in ice cooler bag. Take an exciting mountain trip with your friends, or have a romantic picnic with your lover, or just have a leisurely barbecue with your family in the backyard of your home. A high-performance cooler bag can keep your food fresh and cool for a long time in the outdoor environment.

    Kind tips

    Precautions for waterproof backpack cooler bag

    1. Make sure the items inside are evenly distributed and that the bag is not overfilled.

    2. Check the zippers and other closures regularly. Make sure they are securely closed and in good condition.

    3. Check the seams of the bag and repair any damage.

    4.Use mild soap and a soft cloth to regularly clean the exterior of the bag. Do not immerse it in water or use chemical cleaners.

    This is Waterproof Backpack Cooler Bag, if you need to know about other Soft Cooler, please check the product categories.

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