Fitness Bottle Eco Friendly High-quality Water Bottle

Fitness Bottle Eco Friendly High-quality Water Bottle

Short Description:

The outdoor sports water bottle made of environmentally friendly materials is lighter, easier to carry and easy to use than ordinary water bottles. Suitable for most outdoor sports that require quick hydration. Such as running, climbing, fitness, training and so on. It is also very environmentally friendly, using food-grade materials and no BPA.

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Product Specification

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Item No:               BTA009

Specification:           196*66mm

Volume:                400ml

Color:                 Customized color

Material:               Plastic

Usage:                Outdoor sport  

Feature:                Portable

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Item No:               BTA156

Specification:           222*76mm

Volume:               500ml

Color:                 Customized color

Material:               Plastic

Usage:                Outdoor sport  

Feature:                Portable


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Product Details

1. Comfortable mouthpiece design, using food-grade silicone material, soft and durable, easy to drink

2. The squeeze type water outlet, the water outlet speed is faster, the water output is large, and the water is easy to drink.

3. Use environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, food grade, no BPA.

4. Ergonomic design, high comfort in the hand, not easy to slip off, and can be perfectly fixed on the buckle of the bicycle frame.

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Product Instructions

1. When holding drinks, leave a gap of 2~3cm at the mouth of the bottle.

2. The sports water has been pressure tested, but excessive pressure may still cause some bursts.

3. Do not use water utensils to hold fermented drinks.

4. Keep full water utensils away from heat sources.

5. Do not put the full water utensils in the freezer or microwave oven of the ice-cold box.

6. Do not use sports water to hold gasoline or other fuels.

Customized Service

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Outer Packaging

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Sports water bottle refers to a water bottle suitable for exercise. Compared with ordinary water bottles, it is more portable, durable, firm and portable. The usage scenarios are also full of diversity. Such as cycling, climbing, running, traveling, fitness and so on. At the same time, because it is safe and convenient, it is also very suitable for students to use. When you are exercising, you can directly bite open the suction nozzle and drink water to improve exercise efficiency and not waste exercise time.

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