Waterproof camping backpack

  • Backpack Waterproof Outdoor

    Backpack Waterproof Outdoor

    Suitable for backpacks for outdoor travel, picnics, mountain climbing, hiking and boating. The 1680D-TPU high-quality waterproof material and top-of-the-line air-tight zipper make it suitable for outdoor travel. The 30-liter large capacity holds all the items you need. It can even float on the water and become your lifebuoy at critical times.

  • Backpack Waterproof Travel

    Backpack Waterproof Travel

    Outdoor sports travel bag, 1680D-TPU material, high-quality air-tight zipper, 30 liters capacity. The stiff design of the bag body is waterproof, wear-resistant, and durable. It is suitable for mountaineering, hiking, traveling, fitness and other scenes.

  • Waterproof  Motorcycle Backpack

    Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack

    High-quality PVC outdoor waterproof backpack. Large capacity of 40 liters. Ergonomic carrying system and perfect external hanging system. Very suitable for mountaineering use. The company can also provide customized services to customize your exclusive style.

  • Swimming Fitness Training Wet Dry Backpack PVC

    Swimming Fitness Training Wet Dry Backpack PVC

    A good wet and dry bag is not just about swimming. The trendy blue and black contrast color design, clean and neat version. Whether it is swimming, fitness, yoga, or traveling, it is a very good choice. PVC material, 30 liters large capacity. The best choice for wet and dry Backpacks.

  • Waterproof dry backpack

    Waterproof dry backpack

    An outdoor waterproof dry bag that takes into account both appearance and practicality. Moderate capacity of 25 liters, don’t worry about overloading. Using high-density PVC fabric, highly effective waterproof. It can cope with wet environments such as beaches, rivers, or rain. Side pockets can prevent belongings. Using scientific shock absorption and load reduction system allows you to travel easily.

  • Outdoor sports waterproof bag

    Outdoor sports waterproof bag

    Lightweight waterproof backpack, thick wear-resistant fabric, tear-resistant, waterproof, convenient to carry, and easy to open. It has both ease of use and comfort, allowing you to return easily and safely every time you adventure and travel.

  • Outdoor sports waterproof bag

    Outdoor sports waterproof bag

    A multifunctional outdoor waterproof backpack. Using high-performance TPU material, waterproof and wear-resistant. Strong waterproof function, suitable for mountain climbing, traveling, boating and other outdoor activities.

  • Military Camouflage Waterproof Backpack

    Military Camouflage Waterproof Backpack

    High-quality 900D-TPU waterproof material, 20L capacity, an outdoor waterproof bag with military-quality camouflage design. It will be your best assistant in battle.

  • Outdoor Waterproof Travel Backpack

    Outdoor Waterproof Travel Backpack

    The outdoor travel waterproof backpack with a capacity of 40L is tough and wear-resistant, not easy to damage, and easy to retrieve. It is your best choice for traveling, climbing and hiking.

  • TPU outdoor waterproof backpack

    TPU outdoor waterproof backpack

    This backpack is made of nylon, TPU, and PVC mixed materials. The main body is made of waterproof TPU material. There is a pocket on the outside of the bag to put some small objects, the overall capacity is large and the shape is full. The opening of the bag adopts a roll-up design, and the size can be adjusted freely. Flexible to use.

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