Our products mainly include: water bags,soft cooler,waterproof bag,hydration bladder,sport bottle and water bladder,fishing tackle box,fishing bag.

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FUJIAN SBS SIBO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, a fully independent subsidiary of SBS Group,founded in 2002. Our original intention was to become a one-stop purchase center for SBS zipper customers. At the beginning of the establishment, we mainly provide buckles for bags, cords for shoes, garments, and pullers series products. With the deepening of the customers and the market, in 2003 we began to develop and produce outdoor sport & leisure products by ourselves. Such as water bladder, water bottles and hydration bladders series. we had our own dust-free workshop automatic production line for water bottle and hydration bladder to provide customers with more choices and diversified services. SBS Sibo products are very popular with global customers and establish long-term partnerships with more than 30 well-known brands in the world.

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SIBO the leading professional manufacturer of outdoor products

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SIBO products accompany you every outdoor sport

We are committed to environmental protection, our original intention is to provide you with the highest quality outdoor sports products.Such as hydration bladder,water bladder,fishing tackle box,fishing bag.

Whether you are playing outdoors, climbing outdoors, hiking outdoors, fishing or cycling, our water bladder can meet your needs. High-quality water bags make your life safe and worry-free.

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  • Fishing


  • Fitness


  • Hiking


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SIBO Innovative and care about environmental protection team


SIBO Staff Quality Development Activities

On December 27th, 2020, after the annual review meeting, SIBO organized a quality development activity for the excellent employees..

Precautions for hydration bladder manufacturing process

Avoid scratching the airbag. Operate in strict accordance with the instructions in the manual and follow the precautions in the manual. Precautions for hydration bladder manufacturing process. hydration bladder, hydration bladder, water storage bag bridge pre-pressure hydrati...
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The distributor of fishing tackle box with the best technology

Back to the external account, the better ones are made of nylon, which are gradually thickened according to the thickness D points. They are the best technical fishing tackle box distributors. The envelope must be equipped with cotton thread and barriers, and some of the mate...
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