Small Opening BPA Free Water Bladder Hiking Running Climbing

Small Opening BPA Free Water Bladder Hiking Running Climbing

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The most convenient hydrating artifact for outdoor sports.Water bladder,an outdoor drinking appliance with large water storage capacity, easy carrying and convenient drinking. The use of environmentally friendly materials will bring you a 100% peace of mind experience.Best hydration bladder.

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Item No:                 BTC075

Product name:        Hydration bladder

Material:                 TPU/EVA/PEVA

Usage:                   Outdoor sport

Color:                   Customized color

Feature:                  Lightweight

Function:                 Portable survival logo

Packing:                 1pc/poly bag+carton

Application:              Outdoor equipment


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Product Details

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The water bladder body is made of high-quality film,non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and food grade.Meet the EU environmental protection standards.

Different lengths of suction pipes can be customized to meet your different needs.

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The design of the lid opening connection ring prevents the water bladder from falling to the ground during washing or filling.

The bag body pattern and text adopt silk-screen printing technology, the pattern is not easy to faint or fade.

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Product Features

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Film Thickness:(from 0.3mm to 0.6mm)

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Tube length:750mm/890mm/customer request

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Sample Lead Time:1) 7-10 working days if need to add logo. 2) within 3 working days for existing samples

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Order Lead Time:20-25 days after the order is confirmed

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Packing: Each item packed with an OPP bag

Traveling in the wild can relax your mood and forget your unhappiness. It's like looking for new beauty and chasing a new sensory world. Throw away the extra self and meet a new self. I believe that the green trees in the mountains, the bird calls in the forest, the streams on the roadside, and the majestic sea will bring you a completely different experience in life.Of course, it is also necessary to have a water bladder and hydration bladder.

What capacity options are available for Small Opening BPA Free Water Bladder? What activities or occasions are suitable for?

The capacity options for Small Opening BPA Free Water Bladders typically range from 1 liter (approximately 33 ounces) to 3 liters (around 100 ounces) or more.

This type of water bag can be used in multiple places:

Hiking and Camping: A 1-liter water bag is sufficient for short hikes or camping trips, where you need to maintain moisture without bearing too much weight.

Cycling: Cyclists may prefer a 1-2 liter water bag as it is perfect for most bicycle backpacks.

Running: For long-distance runners or marathon participants, a 1-liter bladder can provide necessary hydration.

Outdoor sports: Whether you're playing football, basketball, or other outdoor activities, a 2-liter water bag can help you stay fresh and refreshed during matches.

Long distance hiking: Serious hikers and backpackers can choose water bags of 3 liters or larger to ensure they have enough water for long-distance travel in remote areas.

Festivals and activities: At music festivals, outdoor activities, or gatherings with limited water sources, water bags can conveniently retain moisture.

Daily use: Some people use smaller water bags in their daily activities, such as commuting or running errands, to reduce the demand for disposable plastic bottles.

Is this Small Opening BPA Free Water Bladder easy to clean and maintain? What are the special cleaning needs?

Its design takes into account ease of cleaning and maintenance. They usually have a large opening, so cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple.

A small opening may refer to the water bladder opening, but a large opening is usually wide enough for filling and cleaning.

Using materials that do not contain bisphenol A can ensure that the water bladder is less likely to retain odor or taste, making it easier to clean and maintain freshness.

Some inner tanks adopt a reversible design, which can be turned over for thorough cleaning and drying.

Many inner tanks are equipped with detachable hoses, making it easier to separate the hoses from the inner tanks for cleaning.

Some manufacturers provide cleaning kits specifically designed for water bags. These kits typically include brushes and cleaning pads to remove residues and ensure cleanliness.

After cleaning, we need to pay attention to ensuring that the bladder is completely dry to prevent mold. Inverting the hydration bladder and removing the lid helps with the drying process.

Regular cleaning of the bladder is also necessary, especially if it has been stored for a long time. Cleaning with mild soap and warm water is usually sufficient.

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