Cooler bag waterproof soft cooler

Cooler bag waterproof soft cooler

Short Description:

Tough, waterproof, leakproof and easy to carry are its characteristics. It can meet the needs of carrying coolers. The wide opening is convenient for taking food, and the high heat preservation performance can keep the food fresh for about 72 hours.

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  • Item No: BD-001-18
  • Specification: 340*275*340mm
  • Capacity : 24cans/15L
  • Color : navy
  • Material : 900D-TPU
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    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    It uses high-density waterproof material that can resist ultraviolet rays. The inner tank is made of food grade materials

    BD-001-18 1

    It adopts airtight zipper and has a certain waterproof function, which is convenient for you to use in the field.

    BD-001-18 1

    Camping, mountaineering, picnic, spacious openings to meet your multiple needs


    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    1. Hand-held shoulder and back double design
    2. Strong buckle
    3. Air-tight and waterproof zipper
    4. Thicker shoulder straps

    Usage scenes

    The soft cooler can be used as a mobile refrigerator for the preservation of iced beverages, fruits, breast milk/tea/seafood and other foods; it is also used for refrigerated transportation of medicines, vaccines and other products. It can also be used for heat preservation food, lunch, restaurant delivery and so on. Portable, lightweight, stylish design, food can be kept warm and fresh for a long time, easy to use, suitable for outdoor picnics and daily life.

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    What is the insulation performance of this waterproof soft refrigerated bag and how long can it maintain the temperature of food and beverages?

    The insulation performance of a waterproof soft cooler can vary depending on the specific product and its design. However, these bags are typically designed to provide good thermal insulation. They are equipped with insulating materials and a sealed, waterproof lining to help maintain the temperature of food and beverages.

    The duration for which a waterproof soft cooler can maintain the temperature of its contents depends on factors such as the initial temperature of the items stored, the external temperature, and the quality of the bag. In general, these bags can keep food and beverages cool for several hours, often ranging from 4 to 24 hours, or even longer in some cases. Some high-quality models are capable of maintaining temperature for an entire day or more.

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    Does this product have sealing properties to prevent moisture infiltration or leakage, and to keep food dry even in humid environments?

    Yes, waterproof soft coolers are designed with sealing properties to prevent moisture infiltration or leakage. These bags typically feature a waterproof lining that is sealed or heat-sealed at the seams, creating a tight and waterproof barrier to protect the contents from moisture and humidity. This sealing property helps keep food and beverages dry, even in humid or wet environments, ensuring that your items stay fresh and free from water damage during outdoor activities like picnics, camping, or beach trips.

    To ensure that the specific bag you are interested in has effective sealing properties, it's advisable to check the product's description, as well as any information provided by the manufacturer regarding its waterproof and moisture-resistant features.

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