Insulated Lunch Bag Cooler

Insulated Lunch Bag Cooler

Short Description:

It is like an outdoor small refrigerator that can be carried around without plugging in. You can put fruits, drinks, meat, beer, etc. in it to keep them fresh and cool, and can also be used to preserve breast milk, medicines, vaccines, and so on.

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Product Detail

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Product Specifacation

Item No:                   BD-001-47

Product name:         Cooler backpack

Material:                   840D-TPU

Capacity:                  26Cans/20L

Color:                        Black/Customized

Specification:            440*255*350

Function:                  Keep cool

Application:              Outdoor equipment

Product Features

prosdf (1)High-quality waterproof materials and air-tight

zippers create top-quality waterproof ice cooler.



prosdf (2)The design of a variety of carrying methods

provides you with different travel options.



prosdf (3)The The whole body of the bag is made

of environmentally friendly and non-toxic

materials, which will bring you a safer use experience.

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Sea food



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Cold Drink



Product Instructions

1. Food and beverages are best refrigerated and frozen in advance.

2. Enough ice cubes or ice plates are required inside the soft cooler.

3. Minimize the number of times to open the soft cooler.

4. Pack the soft cooler as much as possible.

5. Minimize direct sunlight.

Want to set off for a little adventure? Or take a short trip with friends. Bring a practical ice pack. Pack with drinks, fruits, sandwiches, etc. any food you like, or even medicines you need. Its convenience, environmental protection and practicality will bring you great surprises. And it is also very waterproof and wear-resistant, suitable for most outdoor scenes. When you take out a can of iced beverage to share outdoors, you will definitely become the focus of the audience.

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