Custom Outdoor Sport Water Bottle BPA Free for Gym

Custom Outdoor Sport Water Bottle BPA Free for Gym

Short Description:

The sports bottle is designed for regular cycling or other sports. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for various occasions. One pot has multiple uses. It has the characteristics of ease of use, mouthpiece design, simple and easy to use. It also has high stability, is compatible with most bottle cages on the market, and is safe and stable.


Item No:               BTA044

Specification:       230*75mm

Volume:               680ml

Color:                  Customized color

Material:              Plastic

Usage:                Outdoor sport

Feature:              Portable

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Product Advantages

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Portability. The design is simple, most backpacks and bottle

cages are reviewed, and it is very easy to carry.

Practicality. Adopt water suction nozzle design, squeeze type water output, large water output, suitable for a variety of scenes.

Durability. Use environmentally friendly flexible materials,strong and durable, not easy to age or damage.


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Product Details

Large iconUse environmentally friendly materials without BPA, non-toxic and odorless, feel free to use.

Large iconThe design of the squeeze suction nozzle provides fast water output, large water output, and quick water replenishment.

Large iconErgonomic design, intimate non-slip design, not easy to slip off.

Large iconThe 680ml moderate capacity design meets the needs of water replenishment and is easy to carry.


Product Instructions

1. When holding drinks, leave a gap of 2~3cm at the mouth of the bottle.

2. The sports water has been pressure tested, but excessive pressure may still cause some bursts.

3. Do not use water utensils to hold fermented drinks.

4. Keep full water utensils away from heat sources.

5. Do not put the full water utensils in the freezer or microwave oven of the ice-cold box.

6. Do not use sports water to hold gasoline or other fuels.

Our Advantages

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2:LOW MOQ for initial order.

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4:One-stop service

5:0EM ODM services are welcome. You can customize the product color and package with your own brand.

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