Fitness Eco Friendly High-quality Bottle BPA Free

Fitness Eco Friendly High-quality Bottle BPA Free

Short Description:

It can be perfectly stuck on the bike rack, and it can also be matched with various backpacks. The large capacity of 1000ml can meet the needs of hydrating even during strenuous exercise. Environmentally friendly materials, the bottle is flexible, wear-resistant, drop-resistant, and durable. A water bottle that can be the best assistant.

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Product Specification


Item No:               BTA148

Specification:           240*72*91mm

Volume:                1000ml

Color:                 Customized color

Material:               Plastic

Usage:                Outdoor sport  

Feature:                Portable

Product Advantages


Sports portable


strong and sturdy


Good light transmission


High-quality materials


Eco friendly without BPA


FDA certification

Product Details

1. Environmentally friendly material, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, BPA - free, food grade.
2. The screw cap fits tightly and is not easy to leak.
3. Huge capacity, high practicability, suitable for a variety of sports.
4. Smooth lines, fit the hands, not easy to slip off.
5. Suitable for most backpacks and bicycle racks, easy to carry.


Product Instructions


1. Don't overfill the drink when filling it, you need to leave some gaps.


2. Do not bottle fermented drinks.


3. The full water bottle needs to be kept away from the heat source.


4. Do not put the full water bottle in the freezer layer of the refrigerator or microwave


5.Do not use sports water bottles for gasoline or other fuels

Now is a good time for outdoor fitness. When making weekend and holiday plans, you can also choose to participate in physical exercises with family and friends and enjoy sports and leisure time. For example, climbing, running, and cycling. These are all exercises that can be in close contact with nature, which can make the eyes infinitely far away and relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles. Walking in the mountains can also improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, improve lung function, enhance coordination of the limbs, regulate the nervousness of the human body, and relax the body and mind.


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