Portable Ice Cooler TPU Outdoor

Portable Ice Cooler TPU Outdoor

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This is a very small and portable outdoor waterproof cooler bag, with a capacity of 8 cans and 840D-TPU material. When you want a short adventure, it will be your best choice.

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  • Item No: BD-001-39
  • Material: 840D-TPU
  • Capacity: 8cans/6L
  • Specification: 295*210*280mm
  • Color: Grey
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    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    The high-quality 840D-TPU waterproof material allows you to have no worries when playing.

    BD-001-18 1

    The compact body does not add any burden to the adventure, it will only be your best assistant.

    BD-001-18 1

    The 8 cans capacity is definitely the best choice for your day trip. You can bring plenty of items without becoming a burden to you.

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    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1




    seaside trip


    Product Advantage

    Keep food cold
    Seal, Durable, Insurance
    Environmental protection
    Diversified functions, multi-scene use
    Efficient heat preservation can last up to 72 hours

    Our Professional Production Workshop

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    1.The dust-free workshop ensures absolute hygiene. All employees must wear work clothes and shoe covers when entering the workshop, and strictly control the quality of the products.

    2.The integrated production workshop, from the tailoring of product raw materials to the inspection of finished products, is independently completed by the company, so that every production step is strictly controlled.

    3.The efficient production workshop is able to accept large quantities of orders, while ensuring efficiency and quality.

    Want to set off for a solo adventure? Or take a short trip with friends? Waterproof TPU material, 8 cans capacity. BD-001-39 cooler bag is perfect for personal use or shorter adventures. BD-001-39 cooler bag can do a short adventure. This small soft cooler bag can provide all the performance of a large soft cooler bag, keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool. The design of the shoulder strap is very suitable for use when there is at least a walking distance during the journey. There is also a handle that can be carried.

    This is Portable Ice Cooler TPU Outdoor,If you need other Soft Cooler, please check our product categories.

    What is the insulation performance of Portable Ice Cooler? How long can the temperature of refrigerated items be maintained?

    The insulation performance of a Portable Ice Cooler can vary depending on the specific cooler model and its construction. However, many portable ice coolers are designed to provide effective insulation to keep the temperature of refrigerated items low for an extended period.

    The duration for which a Portable Ice Cooler can maintain the temperature of refrigerated items will depend on factors such as the quality of insulation, the initial temperature of the items, the ambient temperature, and the amount and quality of ice or ice packs used. In general, high-quality coolers with good insulation can keep items cold for several days, ranging from 1 to 3 days or even more, when properly packed with ice or ice packs.

    What is the capacity of this Portable Ice Cooler? How many refrigerated items can be accommodated?

    The capacity of a Portable Ice Cooler can vary widely depending on the specific model and brand. Portable ice coolers come in various sizes, and their capacity is usually measured in quarts or liters. Common capacities for portable ice coolers can range from as small as 6 quarts (around 5.9 liters) to over 10 quarts (around 9.5 liters) or more.

    The number of refrigerated items that can be accommodated in a Portable Ice Cooler depends on its capacity, the size and shape of the items, and how efficiently the cooler is packed. Smaller coolers may be suitable for a few cans or small snacks, while larger ones can hold a substantial amount of food and beverages, making them suitable for picnics, camping trips, or longer outdoor activities. Some larger coolers can hold dozens of cans and multiple food containers.

    What are its portability features?

    Shoulder Straps

    Telescoping Handles

    Side Pockets and Organizers

    Durable Exterior

    Drainage Spouts

    Locking and Latching Mechanisms

    Insulated and Lightweight Design

    Is the Portable Ice Cooler waterproof to prevent ice melting or leakage?

    Portable Ice Coolers are not typically designed to be completely waterproof; rather, they are constructed to be ice-resistant or water-resistant. While they are meant to keep the contents cold and prevent ice from melting too quickly, they may not prevent ice from melting entirely over an extended period, especially in hot conditions.

    Here's why they are not completely waterproof:

    Condensation: Coolers often experience condensation on the inside due to temperature differences between the interior and exterior. This can result in moisture accumulation, which may eventually lead to water leakage.

    Drainage: Many coolers have built-in drainage spouts to allow melted ice to drain out. While this is convenient for cleaning, it means that some water may escape if the cooler is not perfectly level or if it's jostled during transport.

    Seams and Seals: The seams and seals of a cooler are designed to be water-resistant but may not be entirely waterproof. Over time, wear and tear can affect the effectiveness of these seals.

    To address these concerns, it's common practice to use ice packs or sealed bags of ice within the cooler to contain the water as the ice melts. This prevents direct contact between the melted ice and the items you're keeping cool. Additionally, placing a towel or other absorbent material in the bottom of the cooler can help soak up any excess moisture.

    Is there a detachable partition board or organizational function to facilitate the organization and separation of different foods and beverages?

    Many Portable Ice Coolers come equipped with a detachable partition board or organizational features to help with the organization and separation of different foods and beverages.

    Detachable Partition: A detachable partition or divider allows you to create separate compartments within the cooler. You can place it vertically or horizontally to divide the cooler's interior as needed. This helps prevent items from mixing and makes it easier to access specific items without rummaging through the entire cooler.

    Interior Pockets and Pouches: Some coolers have interior pockets and pouches that are attached to the walls or lid. These pockets can be used to store condiments, utensils, or small items that you want to keep organized.

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