Buckle Mountaineering Bag Travel Bag

Buckle Mountaineering Bag Travel Bag

Short Description:

A powerful side insert series buckle, good elasticity, strong pulling force, strong and durable, not easy to fall off, complete specifications, thick and round. Suitable for mountaineering bags, travel bags, helmets, etc.

Style number:          SB011

Material:                   POM

specification:           0.75*1*1.25*1.5*2

Types :                      Powerful side release buckle

Features:                 Good elasticity and strong pulling force

Product Detail

Product Tags

sb011 (1)

Product Specification

sb011 (3)High-quality buckle, durable, not easy to

break after long-term repeated plugging

and unplugging.

sb011 (4)Thick production, simple and versatile,

round and smooth, integrally formed,

strong and durable.

sb011 (5)You can choose from a variety of styles,

from small to large, and you can match

more objects in practice.


sb011 (6)

Climbing backpack

sb011 (7)

Travel bag

sb011 (8)


sb011 (9)

Pet leash


Using POM material, high tensile strength, good elasticity, good dimensional stability coefficient and low friction coefficient.

Using integrated injection molding technology, the product is round and smooth without burrs.

Can provide customized services, customize the style, size, color you need, and create your own products.

Our Advantage

sb011 (12)

1:24/7 Online Support. A Reliable, Professional Team With The Experience You Need.

sb011 (13)

2:LOW MOQ for initial order.

sb011 (14)

3: Continuous Order Progress Report.

sb011 (15)

4:One-stop service

sb011 (16) sb011 (10) sb011 (11)5:0EM ODM services are welcome. You can customize the product color and package with your own brand.

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