Outdoor Hydration Bladder

Outdoor Hydration Bladder

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Water bags for outdoor sports are a good choice for keeping you hydrated when you are in the wild. The bag is made of high quality durable material and has a capacity of 2 liters. It also has a wide mouth for easy refilling and cleaning, and a tube and bite valve for easy drinking.

High-quality BPA-free outdoor sports water bag, portable and environmentally friendly, this is your best companion for fitness, mountaineering, cycling, and camping.

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  • Item No: BTC015
  • Material: TPU EVA PEVA
  • Capacity: 1L.15L,2L,2.5L.3L
  • Specification: 38x17cm (2L)
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    BD-001-18 1

    The design of the large opening makes it particularly convenient for you to fill and clean.

    BD-001-18 1

    The dust cover on the suction nozzle can avoid collecting dust when not in use.

    BD-001-18 1

    The design of the handle allows you to be safe and convenient in the process of being usable, without worrying about falling on the ground.


    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1

    BD-001-18 1






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    Customized water bag, you deserve it! When you understand the local market, you will know what kind of water bags customers like.

    Easy to use, the large opening can be filled quickly, tightly closed, leak-proof and sealed, the handle is designed to be easy to carry and put in the bag, it can be firmly grasped during filling and dumping, the suction pipe flow is stable and not blocked, and the bite valve is on each It will be automatically sealed after drinking to prevent leakage. The design of the external volume scale allows you to track water intake and remaining water in time. It is made of wear-resistant TPU material with excellent durability and elasticity. Dust cover can protect the silicone bite mouth to avoid collecting dust.

    This is Outdoor Hydration Bladder,If you need other hydration bladders, please check our product categories.

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