Waterproof Dry Bag Storage Backpack Swimming Rowing Rafting

Waterproof Dry Bag Storage Backpack Swimming Rowing Rafting

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A wet and dry backpack that can store your daily items. The waterproof material of PVC allows you to safely put in wet clothes. Such as swimsuits, gym clothes and so on. A very suitable bag for swimming, fitness, boating and rafting.

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Product Specification

Item No:              FSB-001-25

Specification:          286*160*650mm

Capacity:              16L

Color:                Dark Grey/Customized color

Material:              600D-TPU

Usage:                Swimming/ Boating/rafting

Feature:               Waterproof


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Products Details

1. The design of the buckle at the seal is more convenient for fetching.

2. The design is concise and easy to use.

3. The bag is light and does not bring pressure to the journey

4. The mesh design of the back is breathable and wicks away sweat, keeping the back dry.

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Customized service

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Sweating while exercising is a hearty thing, but wet clothes are inevitably annoying. A dry and wet pack can solve your worries. Pack dry clothes in your bag when you go for exercise. After the exercise, you can put the changed wet clothes in your backpack and go home refreshingly. Waterproof design, you can even put it in a wet swimsuit without worrying about water leakage. A high-quality wet and dry bag brings you the best sports experience.

This is Waterproof Dry Bag Storage Backpack Swimming Rowing Rafting,If you need other Waterproof Backpack, please check our product categories.

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