Good Quality Outdoor Sport Reservoir Bladder Backpack

Good Quality Outdoor Sport Reservoir Bladder Backpack

Short Description:

An outdoor sports water bag backpack that takes convenience and practicality to the extreme. It doesn’t matter if you drink water, fill water, or clean the water bladder bag. All operations can be done directly without taking the water bag out of the backpack. For you who are racing against time in sports, he will be the best assistant.

Item No:                 WBB-004

Product name:       Hydration bladder backpack

Material:                Oxford EVA

Usage:                   Hiking/Camping/Travelling

Color:                    Customized color

Feature:                 Portable

Capacity:                3L

Product Detail

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Product Advantages


The material of Oxford cloth is light and wear-resistant,

durable and not easily damaged.

The capacity of 3 liters can match most of the water bags

on the market, and it is practical.

Thickened double shoulder strap design. Reduces shoulder

 pressure and is easy to carry.



Product Details

It is very convenient to set up the suction nozzle and the water bag mouth, drinking, washing, and filling.

There are multiple external suspension systems designed to hang water bottles and other objects to expand the capacity of the package.

The design of the chest buckle can reduce the shaking of the bag during exercise and improve the stability.

The thickened back design reduces the pressure of the water bag on the north and makes it easy to move forward.


Customized service

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