Water Bladder Hydration Bladder TPU/EVA/PEVA

Water Bladder Hydration Bladder TPU/EVA/PEVA

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The water bladder made of environmentally friendly materials is non-toxic, odorless, and BPA - free. Durable and not easy to wear. Easy to carry and simple to use. Suitable for most outdoor sports, such as running, mountain climbing, cross-country, cycling, marathon and so on. Best hydration bladder,let you enjoy sports easily.

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Product Specification


Item No:                 BTC004

Product name:       Water bladder

Material:                 TPU/EVA/PEVA

Usage:                   Outdoor sport

Color:                   Customized color

Feature:                  Lightweight

Volume:                 1L/1.5L/2L/2.5L/3L

Specification:          38x17.2cm

Packing:                 1pc/poly bag+carton

Application:              Outdoor equipment










Product Details


Food-grade material, passed many international

environmental protection certifications, with good

pressure and abrasion resistance, and long-lasting durability.

Strictly controlling the raw material purchasing as to

guarantee the products could meet the FDA standard.

It's easy to use. Just bite the suction nozzle and cool

water will enter your mouth. When you loosen it, it

will automatically close without water leakage.

Straws can be attached to the hydration pack for

easy hydration during exercise.


The edge of the water bladder is smooth and it is not

easy to cut hands. It is suitable for most hydration bladder

backpacks, and the effect is better when used together

with water bag backpacks.

The tick mark is thoughtfully designed to allow you to

track your intake and remaining water in time.

This allows you to allocate water resources more rationally.


Product Instructions

1. Do not place it with sharp objects to avoid scratching the water bladder.

2. It is recommended to fill in water of minus 20 degrees to plus 50 degrees to avoid burns.

3. The hydration bladder should be cleaned and dried in time after use to avoid breeding of bacteria.

4. Water bladder cannot be used to hold wine or carbonated beverages.

Product Features


Film Thickness:(from 0.3mm to 0.6mm)


Tube length:750mm/890mm/customer request


Sample Lead Time:1) 7-10 working days if need to add logo. 2) within 3 working days for existing samples


Order Lead Time:20-25 days after the order is confirmed


Packing: Each item packed with an OPP bag

The water bladder is made of non-toxic, tasteless, transparent and soft TPU, EVA or PEVA. It can be placed in any gap of the backpack during mountaineering, cycling, or outdoor travel. It is easy to fill in water and convenient to drink. It is easy to drink and inhale. Soft and comfortable to carry. Antibacterial material added to the water bladder can be used multiple times. Obviously, hydration bladder are far superior to kettles, especially when compared to aluminum kettles. A water bag and a water bottle with the same volume are 1/4 lighter than a plastic water bottle and only half the weight of an aluminum water bottle. And you only need to bite the faucet to drink water, the process of drinking does not need to stay, and the continuous exercise process is maintained.

This is Water Bladder Hydration Bladder TPU/EVA/PEVA,If you need other water bladder, please check our product categories.

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