Plastic Teeth Zipper Waterproof Cooler Bag

Plastic Teeth Zipper Waterproof Cooler Bag

Short Description:

20 cans of portable TPU soft cooler bag, using high-quality rubber teeth zipper, high-grade waterproof, food preservation for up to 72 hours. Can be used to carry seafood, fruits, beverages and medicines. Play a huge role in picnics, hiking, camping and other activities.

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Product Specification

Item No:                       BD-001-45

Product name:             Camouflage soft cooler

Material:                      840D-TPU

Capacity:                     20 cans/12L

Specification               355*225*325mm

Color:                          Camouflage

Feature:                      Portable

Function:                    Keep cool

Application:                Outdoor equipment

Better effect with Outdoor Portable Camouflage Water Bag

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Product Details

BD-001-45 (1)

The use of high-quality waterproof materials and

top-of-the-line rubber zippers provides high

waterproofness and long food preservation time.

Provide two carrying methods: hand-held and

one-shoulder. The handles and shoulder straps

are thickened to prevent damage and reduce the load.

BD-001-45 (1)
BD-001-45 (1)

The net bag design on the surface of the body

can be put into personal items such as key

ID information cards.

The inside of the ice cooler is waterproof,

the food is not easy to deteriorate, and the

freshness is longer.

BD-001-45 (1)
BD-001-45 (1)

The rectangular design at the bottom of the

ice cooler is more stable, and the food inside

is not easy to pour.

Correct Use Method

1. Food and beverages need to be refrigerated or frozen in advance.

2. Configure enough ice cubes or ice plates.

3. Minimize the number of times to open the ice pack.

4. Try to fill the ice cooler.

5. Minimize direct sunlight.

High performance soft cooler. The quality of a brand you can trust is unmatched. See, touch, feel the difference of SIBO. Original factory equipped with leak-proof/sweat-proof food grade lining, you can have the toughest, toughest, easy-to-clean lining, air-tight zipper you can have. One great thing about the original is that it fulfills all the requirements for a high-performance soft cooler and can be combined or embroidered with your logo.

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