TPU/EVA/PEVA Reservoir Hydration & Water Bladder Outdoor Sport

TPU/EVA/PEVA Reservoir Hydration & Water Bladder Outdoor Sport

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High-performance outdoor sports water bag and water bladder.Large diameter water injection port, easy to use. Safe and tasteless material, giving you the best experience. The snap-on suction nozzle automatically closes when not in use. The suction tube can be fixed on the hydration backpack, which is convenient for replenishing water during exercise.

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Item No:                 BTC048

Product name:             Water bladder

Material:                 TPU/EVA/PEVA

Usage:                   Outdoor sport

Color:                   Customized color

Feature:                  Lightweight

Function:                 Portable survival logo

Packing:                 1pc/poly bag+carton

Application:              Outdoor equipment


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The body of the bag is made of non-toxic,odor-free, high-quality environmentally friendly materials, and does not contain BPA,so it can be used with confidence.Best water bladder.

The pattern and text of the bag body adopt silk printing or high-frequency printing. The pattern is not easy to faint and lasts as new.

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The water suction nozzle adopts the design of water suction valve, which is very convenient to drink water after biting.

The design of the scale on the surface of the bag makes it easy for you to track the amount of water you drink and the amount of remaining water at any time.

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Outdoor sports is an active and healthy lifestyle, which embodies an optimistic attitude towards life and a manifestation of people's spiritual pursuit. It not only cultivates sentiment, increases knowledge, expands the mind, exercises, and recuperates the body and mind, it is also an attitude towards oneself. Kind of challenge. Through outdoor sports, people can better understand their own potential, enhance self-confidence, face challenges, and have the courage to overcome difficulties. Through outdoor sports, people can deeply feel the team spirit of interdependence and mutual help among people in difficult situations. This is not only affected by the return to nature, but also our innate need, that is to love life and love ourselves.The best water bladder gives you a better life.

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