Test the insulation method of the cooler


             Cooler are essential outdoor supplies for summer picnicsIt’s a necessity if you want to get an icy feeling.So how do you know the thermal insulation effect of the cooler  you bought?


  1. Cold preservation is commonly called cooler  bag, which can be used as a movable refrigerator for the preservation of chilled drinks, fruits,breast milk tea, seafood and other foods; It is also used for refrigerated transportation of drugs, vaccines and other products.
  2. heat preservation is generally used for thermal insulation food, lunch,restaurant delivery and so on.

    Heat preservation test: 8 o ‘clock in the morning will just cook the meal bento placed in the heat preservation bag, and zipper preservation, and then go out to work, to the company after the place without wind.

    Around 12 o ‘clock, open the lunchbox to have lunch, or warm, want to eat directly also ! For us office people, especially in companies without microwave ovens. Because it is the direct effect of the test heat preservation bag, there is no heat preservation measures outside the lunch box, it is directly put into the heat preservation bag. If you can put cotton clothes and other items in the bag, but also enhance the thermal insulation effect! (Related to outdoor temperature).

  3. Note: On the test day, another lunch with the same meal was not placed in the insulation bag. After the same time and in the same position, the meat in the lunch box was frozen and the soup was cold without temperature.

  4. Cold test: Use with an cooler  bag. Put the cooler bag flat in the refrigerator or freezer. After freezing, put it into an cooler bag and put it on the top or side of food, drink, fruit and other items, and tighten the zipper. It takes about 6 hours for the cooler  to melt completely, leaving the food and drink inside as if it were fresh out of the refrigerator.

    Matters needing attention:

    Store ice cream and other easily melted foods for 30-60 minutes as recommended. It is recommended that the weight bearing capacity not exceed 3KG.The effect of heat preservation depends on the change of the ambient temperature of the outside world, the amount of the content, and the change of the original temperature.



Post time: Apr-08-2022