How the fishing bag industry uses the trend to stimulate the next generation of product innovation

How to distinguish between good and bad inflatable tents? Inflatable tent is a product, but it is different from ordinary products. How the fishing bag industry uses the trend to stimulate the next generation of product innovation. Today, let’s talk about what I think the “Xiang Tian” series of metal series tents have

The inflatable tent uses the principle of structural mechanics to design the framework, and uses the gas pressure characteristics to expand the air bag to form a rigid column, which is organically combined to support the framework of the tent. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the load bearing size of the tent can be set. With the artificial strength size, the load bearing size of the tent can be set.

Purpose of fire inflatable tent: fire rescue, disaster relief and flood prevention, field construction operations, temporary clubs, etc. This purpose is for reference only. This product is a flame-retardant polyester tent, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fast molding, high strength, flame resistance, UV protection, moisture resistance, light weight, small volume after folding, and convenience and portability.

The construction and disassembly of the fire inflatable tent is relatively simple and fast. It can be inflatable in 3-10 minutes and can be installed in a very short time.

fishing bag

The single-person decontamination tent is 4 square meters, and its features are convenient to carry and transport, hydrostatic pressure ≥ 50 kpa, inflation pressure 20 kpa, and tarpaulin.

The outdoor inflatable tent is designed according to the physical and mechanical principles. The pressure of the gas expansion makes the tent have certain toughness, waterproof property and good impact resistance.

Inflatable life buoy, air bag of field facilities, working equipment warehouse, basement flood control project, steel frame with life jacket, outdoor tent use, protective latex mattress laying, leaving a steady moving line divider. Wear components such as picks, shovels, steel chisels, wooden boards, ice picks, etc.

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● The pull ring of the moving equipment makes the use rate of the equipment the highest, greatly reducing the service life of the set equipment and the cost of normal maintenance.

● Pirate ships and other accessories occupy this position. Therefore, in some cases, it should be noted that the equipment also depends on the design of accessories

● Inside the 100-degree gathering, you can put down backpacks, shoes, moon mirrors, telescopes, etc., and it is specially designed for high requirements, while the setting of rich light, beauty, diving, en, attitude parameters, type, etc. maintains high requirements, which can be lower than 800-degree gathering, Qianyi, and the compact type is more comprehensive, such as five significant shortcomings.

Post time: Feb-23-2023