Application and Processing Technology of PC Bottle

In the dynamic market of sports and beverage containers, Polycarbonate (PC) bottles represent a significant advancement in material science and manufacturing technology. SIBO, a leading sports water bottle manufacturer, has pioneered the use of PC materials to craft durable, safe, and lightweight bottles. This article explores the widespread applications of PC bottle and the sophisticated processing technologies employed.

Introduction to Polycarbonate (PC) Bottles

Polycarbonate is a robust plastic known for its incredible strength, thermal resistance, and excellent clarity, making it an ideal material for the production of reusable water bottles. PC bottles are virtually unbreakable, can withstand temperatures up to 135°C without deforming, and maintain transparency similar to glass. These properties make PC an excellent choice for sports water bottles that need to endure harsh conditions and repeated use.



1. Sports and Recreation:

PC bottles are widely used in sports and outdoor activities due to their impact resistance and lightweight nature. They are designed to withstand drops, falls, and other physical impacts that occur during hiking, biking, and running. SIBO’s PC sports bottles are especially popular among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for their durability and ease of use.

2. Everyday Use and Travel:

Due to their leak-proof qualities and resistance to breakage, PC bottles are perfect for daily hydration needs and travel. They offer a safe and convenient way to carry water and other beverages without the risk of leakage or breakage.

3. Medical and Laboratory Settings:

The chemical resistance and clarity of PC also make these bottles suitable for various applications in medical and laboratory environments where visibility of the contents and material integrity are essential.

PC Bottle

Processing Technology

1. Injection Blow Molding:

SIBO utilizes advanced injection blow molding techniques to manufacture PC bottles. This process involves three main stages:

Injection: PC granules are melted and injected into a mold to form a preform.
Blowing: The preform is then heated and placed in a second mold, where it is inflated into the shape of the final product.
Ejection: After cooling, the bottle is ejected from the mold.
This method is highly efficient, producing minimal waste and allowing for precise control over wall thickness—an important factor in ensuring uniform strength throughout the bottle.

2. Extrusion Blow Molding:

Another popular method used by SIBO is extrusion blow molding. This process is particularly effective for creating larger batches of bottles:

Extrusion: Molten PC is extruded into a hollow tube-like form, known as a parison.
Blowing: The parison is clamped into a divided mold, and air is blown into it, forcing it to expand to fit the mold’s shape.
Cooling and Release: After the bottle has cooled and solidified, it is released from the mold.
Extrusion blow molding is favored for its ability to rapidly produce large quantities of bottles with consistent quality and minimal material usage, typically maintaining wall thickness variabilities within a range of +/- 0.10 mm.

3. Quality Control and Safety Measures:

Quality control is paramount in the production of PC bottles. SIBO implements rigorous testing procedures to ensure each bottle meets strict safety and durability standards. The PC used is BPA-free, complying with international health standards to ensure consumer safety. Each batch of bottles undergoes tests for durability, leak resistance, and stress fractures.


Environmental Considerations

SIBO is committed to environmental sustainability. Despite the durability and safety of PC bottles, the company recognizes the importance of responsible production practices. Recycling programs and initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of PC production are integral to SIBO’s operational ethos. Efforts include optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce waste and implementing recycling strategies to reclaim and repurpose PC materials.


The application and processing of PC bottles represent a blend of innovation, practicality, and environmental consciousness. As a leading sports water bottle manufacturer, SIBO continues to advance the capabilities of PC bottle technology, ensuring that products are not only practical and safe for consumers but also manufactured with an eye towards sustainability. Through advanced manufacturing processes and strict adherence to quality and environmental standards, SIBO sets the benchmark for excellence in the reusable water bottle market.

Post time: Jun-17-2024